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This is my story...

With close to 10 years of experience, I have honed my expertise by integrating principles from WFG Financial education and the Fitness industry. This journey has not only transformed my own life but also empowered me to positively impact the lives of many clients. I am deeply passionate about guiding individuals towards mastering their finances and becoming proficient money managers.

Through my business platform, I offer tailored financial solutions designed to meet the unique needs of families, enabling them to cultivate and safeguard their wealth effectively. Simultaneously, I emphasize the significance of prioritizing optimal health by advocating for balanced nutrition and regular exercise regimens.

My mission is unwavering: to assist families and individuals in achieving a harmonious balance of prosperity and vitality, thereby fostering a healthy and wealthy lifestyle.  Always remember, your health is indeed your true wealth.

Furthermore, I am proud to hold licensure as a Health and Life Agent in the State of Texas (License#: 2006415), and I boast certifications as a proficient coach in meal planning and a seasoned instructor in group fitness since 2010.  I am delighted to offer my services in both English and Spanish, ensuring seamless communication and accessibility for all."

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